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Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the best system for cleaning and building companies on the market of course, but it's only a part of the truth.
We want to have a positive impact on our climate, that is why we deliver a tools in our system that will save our customers time
that employees has to spend traveling between clients at work.
Decreasing travel time making smart decisions helps our environment, suggesting eco products to end customers helps our environment,
small things at big scale results in big changes, that's our mission.

"Making small steps every day, results in big changes in the end",
Filip Kostrzewski, owner of the Workflows by AI

5 years of experience on the market

Climate positive

Our climate impact is 32.4 tonnes of CO2 removed from our atmosphere thanks to 409 trees that we planted so far!

It's 97.2 meters2 of ice saved or equalivent to 129340 km driven in a car!

409 trees planted

97.2 meters2 of ice saved

129340km driven in a car

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi
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